Trailer parts
Trailer parts

EMS-FP&S are firmly established as the leading supplier of trailer parts. We have one of the most comprehensive ranges in the UK and coupled with our nationwide branch network we can supply you with the right part, on time, wherever you may be.

We stock and supply from all the major trailer component suppliers.

EMS-FP&S Parts hold stocks of parts from axles, suspensions, ABS and air brakes to electrical components, landing legs and body and general parts. Please see a more complete list, by clicking on the heading shown right.

We produce the most comprehensive trailer parts catalogue in the industry with a full list of parts and exploded diagrams to help you identify the correct trailer part. Please use the form below to order yours.


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EMS-FP&S Limited
11 Rash's Green, Toftwood, Dereham, Norfolk, NR19 1JG
T: 01362 851600
F: 01362 851652

This list is subdivided into 8 sections for your convenience as follows:

Section 1 - Axles

Axle Tools
Axles - Arvin Meritor, BPW, Daimler Chrylser, Fruehauf, Hendrickson/York, SAF, SMB
Brake & Clutch Cleaner
Brake - Callipers, Calliper repair kits
Brake - Disc Tools and Test Equipment
Brake - Discs, Disc Pads
Brake - Drums, Shoes
Brake Service Kits
Camshafts & Kits
Disc Brake - Callipers, Pads
Disc Brake Tools and Test Equipment
Slack Adjusters
Wheel Nut Indicators & Covers

Section 2 - Suspensions

Air Springs + Fitting kits + BPW
Axle Slings & Restraints
Equaliser, Torque Arm Kits
Firestone Air Spring Pistons
Lift Axles Parts Merito / Fruehauf
Shock Absorbers, Shock Absorbers BPW, Bolts
Suspension - Arvin Meritor, BPW, Daimler Chrysler, Fruehauf, Hendrickson, York, Discos, SAF, SMB
Torque Arm Bushes & Bolts
U Bolts

Section 3 - ABS

ABS & EBS Test Equipment
ABS & EBS Cables - Wabco
ABS Components - Knorr
ABS Conversion Kits
ABS Exciters/Sensor drive
ABS/EBS Sensors & Brackets
EB+ Components - Haldex
EBS Components - Wabco, Knorr
EBS Retrofit Kits
ECU & Modulator Valves - Wabco
MGX, MCER Valve - Haldex
MGX, Modal ECUs & Modulators - Haldex
Modal, Modular Cables & Looms - Haldex
Modal Manifold - Haldex

Section 4 - Air

ABS & EBS Valves
Air Coils & Adaptors
Air Couplings Imperial & Metric
Bite Rings
Brake Actuators
Brake Actuator - Brackets, Diaphragms, Yokes
Bulkhead Fittings & Nuts - Air
Cable Ties
Carriers Air Coupling
Charging Valves
Couplings Air C, CA, Palm
Cutter Air Tube
Double Check Valves
Drain Taps
Dummy Couplings Air
ECU/Modulators - Wabco
Filter Air
Hand Control Valves (Park, Shunt etc)
Height Control Valves
Hose Clips
Humphrey Valve
Levelling Valves
Lift Axle Valves
Load Sensing & Height Control accessories
Load Sensing Emergency Relay Valve
Load Sensing Valve
Lock C Coupling
Maneuvering Valves
Modulator Valves
Nipples Hose
Non Return Valves
Nylon Tube
O Rings, O Rings & Washer Sets
Pressure - Limiting Valve, Proportioning Valve, Protection Valve
Push In Fittings
Quick Release Valves
Raise Lower Valves
Raufoss Fittings
Regulator Valve
Relay - Valves & Emergency Valves
Relay Modulators
Rubber Air Hose
Sealing Washers
Shock Washers Reservoir Mounting
Shut-off Cocks
Single Check Valves
Solenoid Valves
Test Equipment - Air Systems
Test Points Air
Tube - Clamps, Inserts, Nuts
Uni Directional (One Way) Valve
Valves & Coupling Self Sealing

Section 5 - Electrical

Cables - Electrical
Cable Ties
Clips Cable
Clips Side Marker Lamp to Crossbearer
Connectors Electrical
Electrical Coils
Fog Lamps
Fuses Spade
Holder 7 Pin Plug
Holders - Number Plate
Interior Lamps & Switches
Junction Boxes
Lamp Outrigger
Marker Lamps
Number Plate Holders
Number Plate Lamps
Pendants - Reflector
Pilferage Guards - Lamps
Plugs & Sockets High Power
Plugs Electrical
Repair Tool Aspock
Reversing - Lamps & Bleepers
Stalk Lamps
Working Lamps


Section 6 - Legs/5th Wheel

Axles - Wheels, Feet, Landing Leg
Cross Shafts Leg
Cross Shafts Leg
Landing Leg - Bracket, Stays
Landing Legs - EMS-FP&S, Haacon, Modul
Leg Bracket Bottom Bolt on Modul
Mounting Bolts Landing Legs
Rocking Foot
Spring Hooks
Winding Handles

Section 7 - Bodywork

Aluminium Sheet & Extrusion
Bolt Sliding Post
Buffers - Steel , Rolling
Cabbage Boards
Cables TIR
Catches Over Centre Dropside
Cord Elasticated Shock
Crossbearers Chassis
CurtainSider Parts
Door - Capping, Gear, Holdbacks, Panels
Dropside Fittings
Extrusions Curtain
Eyelets Curtain
Hinges & Pins
Laminated Flooring
Lashing Rings
Lining Divider
Load Restraint Poles & Track
Poles & Pole Fittings Curtain
Ramp Fasteners
Roller Shutter Door Parts
Rollers Curtain
Roof - Bows, Coil, Retainer
Rope Hooks
Seals Door
Shoot Bolts
Sliding Roof Parts
Staples TIR
Straps - Buckles, Curtain & Load Restraint
Tailgate Hinge Boss Tipper
Tensioners Curtain
Tie Rail
Tilt Boards
Timber Products
Tipper Pads
TIR Body Parts


Section 8 - General

Bolts, Nuts, Washers
Bump Bars and parts
Bungs - Plastic
Fasteners - Avdelock
Fasteners - Magnabulb, Magnagrip, Magnalok
Fire Extinguisher Boxes
Fixings King Pin
Handbrakes & Accessories
Height Indicators
Holders - Document, MOT & Licence, Number Plate
King Pins & Locks
Ladders Access
Magna Fasteners
Mudflaps & Mudwings + Fastenings & Stay
Number Plate Holders
Panel Rear Marker
Pin Bolster Skeletal
Plates - HazChem, Maintenance, TIR
Rear Lamp Panel
Rear Markers Fluorescent
Screwdriver Bits
Sealers & Sealants
Sliding Bogie Parts
Spring Hooks
ape - Adhesive, Duct, Insulation, Masking, Sponge
Tool Boxes
Twistlocks & Parts